February 23, 2016

DIY Present with Cacti & Succulents

Hello friends! Today I'd like to share a cute DIY project that can be for someone else or for yourself. This idea all began when my boyfriend Diego and I went to Miami back in August. We walked into the store Plant the Future and they had so many cool gardens, terrariums, and plants. I wanted them ALL! We noticed in their catalogue the cacti & succulents stormtrooper garden. Diego really wanted it. We asked if they had any at the store and they told us they ran out but had shipment on its way.We were leaving the next day, so there was no hope in leaving Miami with one... 

Cacti & Succulents Stormtrooper Garden

Fast forward to January, I wanted to give my boyfriend a garden for Valentine's Day. Of course mine didn't come out anything as close to the picture at the top. But hey, he loved it! :) Not only did I make him one, I decided to make myself one as well. Why not, right? 

. . .

I got the white bowl from Target. They had a smaller size as well. It was in the kitchen section.  
The blue pot I bought from the Merrifield Garden Center. 

The soil cover and cactus mix were from Home Depot. 

I purchased the cacti and succulents from Home Depot and Merrifield Garden Center. 

Diego's Valentine's present! I looked for this little storm trooper everywhere and finally 
found it at the third Target. 

The garden I created for myself :) 

Lastly, a friend of mine gave me this cute tea cup from Francesca and I used it to place one of the succulents. It is now on my desk. It is just the most darling desk decoration. 

The weekend is coming and I hope this post inspires you to do a little DIY project ;) If you have any questions just post in the comments box and I'll get back to you. 

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