March 15, 2016

Day Numero Tres in Miami!

Our last day finally came and we were so sad leave. Thankfully, our plane wasn't going to board til night time. We decided to go to Little Havana to do some exploring. The weather was perfect! We passed by the Domino Park and had to make a turn to check it out. There were so many elders playing dominos and they were all the sweetest. We were starting to get hungry so we headed over to "Ball & Chain" and sat in the back patio. I was instantly in love with the place. They had a pineapple stage. CUTEST THING EVER. Of course, I took tons of pictures...typical of me. :P My friend and I got our mojitos and they were great. After a wonderful lunch, we headed next door to "Azucar" for ice cream. They have so many interesting and delicious flavors. I ended up getting the mulatica (cinnamon oatmeal cookie.) I wish I brought some home with me...if only ice cream didn't melt. We went outside to enjoy our ice creams and noticed that there was a band playing some salsa. I just couldn't stand and watch, my feet starting to move. Next thing I know, I was dancing some salsa. Definitely, a great end to my trip! Hope you enjoy the pictures. :)

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