April 17, 2016

Warm Weather Calls for Winery Visits

This past week consisted of two birthdays. It was both my mothers and one of my best friends birthday. It was a definitely a week/weekend filled with celebrations. My bestie decided to have a vineyard tour for her birthday celebration. It was my first one and I absolutely had a blast. We all shared laughs and good times. Our first winery visit was Molon Lave Vineyards. The tasting went great. A lot of the ladies found at least one wine that they loved. I ended up buying a bottle of the 2014 Kokineli. It is a rose table wine with a distinct dry herbal taste of rosemary and thyme. It had a great taste!

Our second winery tour was at the Morais Vineyards and Winery. This place was so cute! We all took many pictures here. The wine was really good as well. We loved this vineyard so much that we ended up staying there the whole time. I have to admit I barely had pictures from the first winery, most of them were taken at the Morais. If you're looking into vineyards in Virginia, you must come visit this one! 

Which are your favorite wineries? 

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