May 3, 2016

Book that Ticket & Travel

Summer is right around the corner and I'm too excited! Traveling has been on my mind like no other. It is so easy to get busy and not plan in advance. If you've been having a place you've been wanting to go, just click and purchase your ticket already! My ultimate goal for this summer is to have many weekend getaways and hopefully end it with an awesome trip to a new country or two. We only have one life so lets be adventurous. We must do what our little hearts desire. There are so many beautiful countries, each with their own uniqueness and culture. They are waiting to show off their recipes, dances, and traditions with us.

Vero's 2016 Travel Bucket List:

- New York 
- Texas 
- Boston 
- Florida 
- New Mexico 
- The BIG trip destination (drum rolls please...) --> France & Spain 

I'll be booking a hotel this weekend for a trip to New York for end of May. Ahhh New York brings happiness to me. There's a handful of options for food and activities. You can never get tired of the city vibes. 

Now, the real question is, where do you plan on traveling this summer or year? Any exciting trips lined up?! Please share I always love to hear about the adventures that people go on. I've been asking my girlfriends of their trips that they have planned. Eeekkk gets me all happy and excited for them. 

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