June 22, 2016

Seafood at Brine's

Without question, I definitely recommend the restaurant called Brine located in Mosaic. I have walked by Brine many times and just never gave it a try. I finally checked this place out yesterday.  If you love oysters like I do, you will want to order their $1 oysters for happy hour. The oysters they had for happy hour were from Rappahannock, Virginia. They were fresh and delicious. I also ordered the barcat oyster chowder along with with the plankton pasta (small plate). I always get the clam chowder soup when restaurants have it on their menu but never did I see an oyster chowder. So of course, I ended up ordering it. It was creamy and tasty. The plankton pasta was also really good. The sauce that came with the pasta was light and it went perfect with the dish. Yes, I was hungry and craving seafood like no other. To accompany my meals I ordered a Sauvignon Blanc. If you don't like seafood, they also offer great dishes with meat, chicken, duck, and lamb. I'd say it was a lovely evening of great food and company.

Happy hour oysters from Rappahannock, Virginia

Barcat Oyster Chowder

Plankton Pasta 

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