July 21, 2016

My New Go to Spot in Miami: Cecconi's

One thing I love about Miami are the restaurants. There are many options to choose from. Every time I go to Miami I always have a new list of restaurants I want to check out. This time around, I had Cecconi's on my list. The restaurant has a chic and stylish look to it. They serve delicious Italian food. If I could own a restaurant it would probably look like Cecconi's. My close girl friends know that for me the decor is always a plus. I went with my boyfriend and his brother for an evening of delicious food. We started out with their margherita pizza as an appetizer. Loved it! We ordered the spaghetti with maine lobster, agnolotti del plin with black truffle, and the garganelli bolognese. All the dishes were delightful. Let's not forget the drink! I ordered one of their signatures called "Subtle and Sage." The drink contained Bombay Dry, St Germain, Maraschino, pineapple, and sage. Perfect drink to have while sitting outside on a warm evening.  Overall, we had a great experience. I know I'll be coming back again.

July 15, 2016

Miami x Sunrise

I'm back in one of my favorite cities, Miami. This time I am celebrating my boyfriend's 30th birthday! Whenever we get the chance, we love to escape Virginia and come to Miami. Thank goodness we were able to book tickets even though it was very last minute. This morning we decided to make the best out of our day by waking up early to see the sunrise. There is something magical about a sunrise, the way the sun slowly and smoothly makes its way up and surrounds the sky with a variety of colors is breathtaking. Enjoy your weekend and remember the sky is the limit. We have one life so make the best out of it. But always remember to be kind and humble. Enjoy the pictures I took this morning!

July 3, 2016

DIY - Let's Flamingle

My little sister Jojo graduated from high school and I am so proud of her. I can't believe she will be leaving and going to college this fall. I never thought this day would come. Time flies! We celebrated her graduation and decided to go with a flamingo/tropical theme since it is fitting for the summer time. Also, who doesn't like flamingos? The weather could not have been any better. We sat outdoors and enjoyed the evening. For appetizers we had saltenas (Bolivian pastries filled with chicken or beef mixed with a slightly spicy sauce), empanadas, fruit, and a seven layer dip. We also grilled burgers and hotdogs. My little sister and her friends played soccer, basketball, and ping pong.

For the decorations, I found many of the items at Party City, Micheals, and the World Market. To make pictures more fun, I decided to create a picture frame. To create the picture frame, I used wood and gold spray paint. I bought the leaves and flowers from Micheals. I used foam paper to do my litter sisters name and the year she graduated. I used a glue gun to put everything together. The picture frame was the way to go, everyone enjoyed taking pictures with it.