July 15, 2016

Miami x Sunrise

I'm back in one of my favorite cities, Miami. This time I am celebrating my boyfriend's 30th birthday! Whenever we get the chance, we love to escape Virginia and come to Miami. Thank goodness we were able to book tickets even though it was very last minute. This morning we decided to make the best out of our day by waking up early to see the sunrise. There is something magical about a sunrise, the way the sun slowly and smoothly makes its way up and surrounds the sky with a variety of colors is breathtaking. Enjoy your weekend and remember the sky is the limit. We have one life so make the best out of it. But always remember to be kind and humble. Enjoy the pictures I took this morning!

So magical and beautiful.
There were two pelicans flying and diving into the water. 
I had to take a picture of this little beach bum...adorable

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