October 7, 2016

Looking for Cambodian and Taiwanese
Food in DC?
Head on Over to Maketto

Happy Friday! I don't know about you all, but I am looking forward to a R&R weekend and let's not forget eating. Speaking of eating, I wanted to share with you all a Cambodian and Taiwanese restaurant + retail store + cafe (yes, all 3-in-1) called Maketto. The decor in here is minimalistic and clean. When you walk in they have retail clothing (menswear only) but it is still fun to look through their selections. As you continue to walk through Maketto you reach their bar/dining area that leads into an outdoor deck and eventually ends in a closed dining area where the kitchen is located. I'm not done yet. The front of the restaurant has a staircase that leads you to their cafe! My boyfriend and I had a great experience and the food was delicious! Trust me this was my first time having Cambodian and Taiwanese food. If you haven't tried it and like to venture, you will enjoy the food. See below for pictures of the food we ordered!

Wok Fried Noodles 
Gruyere beef dumplings

Taiwanese Fried Chicken
Love the bar.
The bartender was awesome and made exquisite drinks. 
After, dinner we headed upstairs and got our matcha drinks. 

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