October 23, 2016

National Gallery of Art - East Building
is Now Open!

Happy Saturday! Now that the temperature is dropping, I recommend you visit the newly renovated National Gallery of Art (NGA). You can not only witness the incredible array of art it holds, but stay warm indoors if you aren't ready for the Fall/Winter yet. The main reason to go is to check out the grand re-opening of the East Side building. So many new things to see! I always enjoy coming to this building as it takes me back to when my boyfriend and I started dating. We would (and still do) go on dates to the NGA and hold hands to admire priceless work of art. He is kind of a modern art buff, or so he likes to think he is, and tells me all about the history and background on the artists. Thanks to him I know more about modern art and appreciate it even more. Okay, back to the new side of the gallery. The rave and talk about the renovated building is the giant, electric blue rooster on the rooftop (Hahn/Cock (2013) by Katherine Fritsch). In simple terms, it is big and awesome! You must go see it and take a ton of fun pictures (don't by shy, take a bunch of selfies). Warning: It can be hard to get a picture of just you and the rooster since it is the main attraction so try to get there early or visit the NGA on a weekday. Here's a preview of what you will be able to see. Whew, just check out these stairs! Enjoy!

I always thought (and still do) walking in this tunnel was so cool. 
I introduce to you, Hahn/Cock by Katharina Fritsch.
Having a staring contest. Also, look how big he is!

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