October 2, 2016

Musee du Louvre

People were not kidding when they told me that Musee du Louvre is one of the world's largest museums. If you were determined to see all of the art that the treasured Louvre holds, it would probably take you three days and you still might miss some gems! With it being my first time in Paris, my boyfriend and I had a number of places we wanted to see and we decided that spending a couple of hours in the Louvre was a must. On this trip we were able to see the Egyptian antiques (which included a real mummy), Roman and Greek statues, and the beautiful Mona Lisa. As a heads up, when you see the Mona Lisa, there will be a sea of people there. Be patient, you will get to the front eventually but it will feel like you are at a jam-packed concert venue. Little on time? Do not fret, just get a map and make a list of the top exhibits you want to see beforehand. We took the time to do this and it was well worth it. We hope to come back again to see more of the exhibits we missed.

Seeing a mummy right before my eyes was pretty awesome!

This room was beautiful!

The famous Mona Lisa

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