November 15, 2016

Emporiyum at Union Market

Hello friends! I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I am pretty excited for some turkey and pumpkin pie! Speaking of food I wanted to share my adventure in DC this past weekend with you. My boyfriend and I ended up going to the Emporiyum with two of our friends. The Emporiyum is a food marketplace that showcases food, drinks, and treats from around the country. The event is held annually in Washington, DC and Baltimore. I attended the event in DC and let me tell you, there was SO much delicious food to choose from. I may have gained 5 pounds that day, but it was worth it. We had Maketto x Shake Shack chicken burgers, Maketto ramen soup and dumpling, Pinch dumplings, Ramen Burger, Luke's lobster, chocolate, snacks here and there, mimosas, coconut cocktails, falooda, and so much more! They also had an awesome DJ playing some great tunes. Overall, it was a lovely morning filled with great music, exotic drinks, yummy food, and great company. What more can a girl ask for? Make sure to attend the next one! I know I will.

This Ramen burger was amazingggg!!
Dumplings from Maketto.
Okay, so I've been to Maketto before see previous post and I loved the dishes we had. But lawdyyy their ramen soup is sooo good. I know where I'll be getting my ramen soup in the future. 
And more dumpling tasting. This is from Pinch. 
The Greenheart Juice table was decorated so nicely! 
We headed over to the mimosa table as fast our feet allowed us since we kept stopping to try food. 
These chocolate lovers were hanging out at this table, so I decided to sneak a picture. They didn't even notice that I was gone. 
In line to get our coconuts.
Group picture with our coconut cocktails. 
These two are so cute!
Luke's Lobster. Yum.
This was our first time having falooda! It was an interesting taste but I have to admit, I liked it!
Our normal happy picture.
And of course a silly one.


  1. We had such a wonderful time with you guys this weekend! Your pictures turned out fantastic- I want more of that ramen!

  2. Great post! I'll definitely attend next year. Looks like a lot of fun!


    1. Thank you!! Yes, you must attend next year :)