November 18, 2016

Night at the Museum

Happy Friday! Cheers to the weekend! Now go grab yourself a glass of bubbly or rosè and enjoy today's post. Last week I attended "Evenings at the Edge" an the National Gallery of Art (see my other post here at the National Gallery of Art.) Before I attended this event, I had never been in a museum at night. I can finally check that off my bucket list. I know it's not a big deal, but there is something special about going to a museum at night (just like Ben Stiller's movie "A Night at the Museum" haha!). The evening consisted of wine, art, pictures, performances, and DJs. Definitely a night to remember. Be on the look out for upcoming events and make it a fun date night or ladies night. Click here to check out other events at Smithsonian DC museums. Yes, some events may land on a week day but so what, we gotta live a little. Explore your city!
I love my music so whenever theres a DJ, my little feet can't keep still. 
I can take pictures in this tunnel for days.
Capture moments and treasure them.

The giant blue rooster at night.

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