March 1, 2017

Tips for Yayoi Kusama's Exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum

Hi friends! I'm sure you all have heard about the new craze in DC which is Yayoi Kusama's art exhibit. It is so popular to the point that passes have sold out super fast. Well funny story, back in April I went to visit one of my best friends in Houston. We decided to go to the museum and we saw that they had Yayoi's exhibit. I got so excited! We asked the front desk lady and they informed us that tickets had been sold out for both that Saturday and Sunday. I was so sad I hadn't done my research prior. Nonetheless, I remember hoping that her exhibit would come to DC someday. Seriously, dreams to come true! Fast forward to February, my fiance's friend got tickets for us and we were able to go this past Saturday. I keep hearing from friends that tickets get sold out super fast or that the website crashes. Well here are some tips regarding getting tickets and what to do when you are there. See below!

1. Tickets get released every Monday at noon for the following week. Make sure to put a timer 30 minutes before so you remember you need to get those tickets! Also, get your friends on their computers.

2. If they sell out and you really want to go, I highly suggest you become a member! More details are found on Hirschhorn's website. (see link above)

3. Before you head over, make sure to read up on Yayoi Kusama. Below are sites that I found:

4. Once, you have your ticket, try to get in line outside the museum at least 25 mins before your scheduled pass.

5. Be ready to take your pictures quickly cause you only have 20 seconds. Try to go with two other friends cause they only allow three people at a time. If you only have one friend with you, then you will most likely go in with your friend and a stranger.

6. Expect long lines but don't let that ruin your experience. Enjoy your time there!


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