April 6, 2017

Cherry Blossoms DC

Top (similar) :  Ann Taylor  //  Pants:  Zara 

Happy Thursday! I am so happy that spring is here. The weather has been beautiful these last couple of days (not counting today, of course.) Nowadays, I leave work wanting to do so many things like going for a run, cooking, and drinking a glass or two of wine in my backyard. I feel motivated again! Away with the cold winter days. Who else is on the same page as me?

Yesterday, I went on a spontaneous trip to DC to see the cherry blossoms. I was originally going to go by myself and take a couple of pictures. Thankfully, a party of one became a party of three. We made our way over to DC. Once, we got there, we were a little worried because as we got closer to the Tidal Basin, most of the trees were green. Hardly any pink left. We walked around some more and were lucky enough to find a couple of trees that still had cherry blossoms! We took a couple of pictures. Once we were done, we still wanted to continue with our cherry blossom adventure. We ended up walking to City Center to get "cereal and milk" soft serve from Milk. Sooo good! If you have not been, you must. Once, we got our soft serves we walked through City Center's main pathway to take pictures with the super cute spring theme decor. It was such a lovely time! 

As promised on my instagram, I'm sharing with you this super cute and comfy seer sucker pants I got from Zara. The pants are perfect for the spring and go really well with a white, pink, or black top. I'll be making good use of these pants all of spring and summer. 


The Vero St.

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