June 17, 2017

Dreamy Pink Bedroom

It was so much fun making my room my little happy place. I think it is important to make your bedroom as cute as it can be because of all the precious time we spend dreaming away in it each night. Originally, the color of the wall was gray. For the longest time, I wanted to change it. It was too dull and it would darken my room. I finally decided to make a change and paint it pink. Best decision ever. I wake up each morning to sunshine coming in through the blinds lightening up my pink bedroom. I also started decorating my room with succulents and flowers. I try to buy fresh flowers weekly to place on my night stand. I have to admit, this post is bittersweet for me. I am moving out and moving in with my fiance. You could say this post is my farewell to my bedroom. I am going to miss my pink room dearly because lets be real, the fiance will not want to paint our bedroom pink. I am really excited and looking forward to living with him. I also can't wait to decorate the apartment. Hopefully, this post inspires you all to make your bedroom your happy place. 


The Vero St 

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