July 30, 2017

Planning for a Backyard Wedding

[picture taken by me]

Happy Sunday! So much has happened lately. I moved in with my fiance and we have been slowly changing his bachelor pad. His bedroom consisted of black and brown furniture. Once, I moved in we bought new white furniture. Surprisingly, he agreed that white furniture made the room look more roomy and cleaner (Vero = winning)! Not only have we been redecorating the place, but we have been wedding planning as well. When people tell you how stressful and time consuming wedding planning is (especially if you are doing it on your own), I hate to admit it but they are right.

We are planning to have our wedding in my parents backyard. My parents' house means so much to me. My dad built our home (I admire him for his dedication and creativity). As I was growing up I saw the plans and my parents' dream home come to reality. The vast majority of my childhood memories are in that home. Also, they have the most beautiful backyard ever. So of course, I wanted to have my wedding in my favorite place in the world.

Since we have decided to have our wedding in my parents' backyard, we knew that a tent is a must. After asking for quotes for tents in the area, we were surprised at the prices for just the tent and lighting inside. I am overwhelmed with the prices. Seriously, weddings are expensive. Everything adds up so quickly. A few things I've learned when planning for a backyard wedding:

1. Even though you are having your wedding in a backyard and not a venue, it still can get pricey. Talk with your fiance and decide what your budget will be. 

2. Decide if you want a big wedding or intimate wedding. We want to keep it at just family and really close friends. 

3. A tent is a must especially if the weather is unpredictable in your area, unless, you want to risk it and not have a tent (no worries, I've considered this idea as well). If you do risk it, then make sure you have a back up plan. 

4. You do have way more flexibility when having your wedding at your parents' backyard. However, don't forget to book a photographer and videographer ASAP because they can only do one wedding per day. 



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