October 25, 2017

A Little Hocus Pocus

October, you have been so good to me. There have been many life updates this month. First of all, we got a puppy named Lala. It is crazy to see how much she has grown since we got her just a couple of weeks ago. She is a bundle of joy with lots and lots of energy. We also went to Colorado for the first time for a wedding. I'll be sharing more about the pup and our trip to Colorado in another blog post. We have been making changes to our little home. Amidst all the things going on, we have also been planning our wedding. It has been one crazy, busy month. I am sharing with you all my fall bucket list and hope it inspires you to make one as well. 

Decorate our apartment.
I am one lucky gal because my fiance is also a big fan of Halloween. I decorated our apartment with some pumpkins here and there. I also put up purple and orange pumpkin lights. Not only did we add pumpkins but we also added plants and new pillows. 
We are still working on our artwork for the walls. 
We are both obsessed with our new cactus plant and are still trying to figure out names for him. Any suggestions are welcome. 
Treat yourself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
It is mandatory to get pumpkin spice lattes during the month of October. I have been treating myself to a cup of deliciousness (and many calories) on Fridays during work. One cute memory I have of this October is walking with my fiance and our puppy to Starbucks to get our lattes. We sat outside and sipped on our drinks while Lala explored her surroundings. 
Go to the Pumpkin Patch.
Thankfully, we were able to go to the pumpkin patch really early in the month. This year was our third year in a row going to Cox Farms. I love watching the children run around. The best part are the apple cider donuts and the nachos with chilli. For the most part, I go to the pumpkin patch for the food and free pumpkins. 
Bake a pumpkin pie.
I have not made my pumpkin pie but my fiance and I have decided to stay in this Saturday and make a pumpkin pie. We also plan on watching scary movies. I'm counting down the days to stuff my face with popcorn and pumpkin pie. Let's hope it comes out good. It will be my first time making one.

Still pending on my list:

X  Bake an apple pie
X  Go hiking to see fall foliage
X  Go to a winery during Fall


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