November 29, 2017

LaLa The Frenchie

Photos taken by: Doug Funes Photography 

Hello! You may have already seen this little cutie on my instagram and insta story but let me properly introduce you to Lala the frenchie. She is almost 4 months old and a bundle of joy. When people say puppies have a lot of energy, they are not kidding. Having a puppy has been quite an adventure. It is safe to say that both my fiance and I have learned a lot. We have learned to be more firm and to not give in, although Lala has the cutest face ever. It is crazy how fast puppies grow and change. We had these pictures taken when she was 2 months old. We are glad we got these pictures taken because she has grown so much. I love pictures because they capture moments that one cannot go back to or recreate exactly the same. Enjoy the pictures and hope you all have a wonderful day!

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The Vero St  

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